Welcome to P R A I S E!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) became part of our daily life. From our smartphones, internet browsers, and ATM machines, to robot cleaners and self-driving cars. AI is all around us. However, despite tremendous progress in areas like vision, natural processing, and robotics, many of our problems remain hard, unsolved, and intractable.

Why are we still behind in preventing and curing diseases, and managing health conditions;  Why aren’t we optimizing our health, learning, and happiness?

The P R A I S E (Practice and Research in Artificial Intelligence for Science and Engineering) Lab aims to contribute to solving some of our problems by conducting research at the intersection of AI and other fields.

The strength of the P R A I S E lab resides in its multi-disciplinary team that includes members from diverse backgrounds to work on challenging problems in science, medicine, and education. We work on problems such as the prediction and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes, understanding infantile colic, automatically discovering scientific laws from experimental data, and teaching students how to write proofs in logic.

At P R A I S E, we care about creating better healthcare, science, and education by creating new holistic approaches that push the boundaries of AI in addressing pressing problems in those fields.