I work on algorithmic statistics and machine learning. My research is part of broader efforts in Foundations of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Theory of Computation at Columbia.

If you are a (current or prospective) student interested in coming to Columbia and/or working with me on research, or if you are generally interested in getting started in machine learning and/or research, please check this page of frequent answers to questions.

My papers can be found by following this link. (See also arXiv and Google Scholar.)

Claire Vernade and I are co-chairing the 35th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT 2024). Please consider submitting a great paper!


I’m lucky to be able to work with several outstanding students and postdocs.

I’ve also worked with other fantastic students on their thesis research, including: Mathias Lécuyer, Avner May, Cun Mu, Karl Stratos, José Manuel Zorrilla Matilla.