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  • WordsEye

    WordsEye is an automatic text-to-scene generator that creates 3-D scenes from natural language. Contributors: Bob Coyne, Owen Rambow, Julia Hirschberg, Gino Micelli, Cecilia Schudel, Daniel Bauer, Morgan Ulinski, Richard Sproat, Masoud Rouhizadeh, Yilei Yang, Sam Wiseman, Jack Crawford, Kenny Harvey, Mi Zhou, Yen-Han Lin, Margit Bowler, and Victor Soto.
  • AuToBI

    AuToBI is a tool written by Andrew Rosenberg for the automatic analysis of Standard American English prosody. Open source and written in Java, AuToBI hypothesizes pitch accents and phrase boundaries consistent with the ToBI prosodic annotation standard. The toolkit incluides an acoustic feature extraction frontend, and a classification backend supported by the Weka machine learning toolkit.
  • Moode

    Moode is a Facebook application developed by Morgan Ulinski for labeling emotional content of words.

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