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Spoken Language Processing Group

The Speech

The Spoken Language Processing Group at Columbia, which was established by Prof. Julia Hirschberg, includes PhD, masters, and undergraduate students and postdocs. We have done research on emotion and sentiment, deception, charisma, trust and mistrust, humor and sarcasm, misinformation and disinformation, radicalization, and empathy in speech, text, and video, as well as hateful and abusive speech, code-switching, dialogue systems, andr text-to-speech synthesis in English and Low-Resource Languages.

We have collaborated with other members of the Columbia NLP Group and have worked with faculty in other disciplines, including journalism, English, and history. We also have research partnerships with other universities and research labs and enjoy funding from NSF, DARPA, and AFOSR.

We have a laboratory in Schapiro CEPSR 7LW3, where we perform laboratory studies on human speech production, analyze speech, and build speech technologies.

Resources and Facilities

The SLPG has facilities for studio quality audio recording, for video recording, and for state-of-the-art computing. We have collected large amount of data in a double-walled sound proof booth generously donated by Agere Systems, through the kindness of Peter Kroon.
  • Computing

    The lab has large amount of computing systems, including some GPU machines, and has access to Columbia University's High Performance Computing clusters Terremoto and Ginsburg.
  • Other Resources

    The group maintains a growing collection of speech corpora and other databases, collected both at Columbia and through the Linguistics Data Consortium.

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