Computer Science Research Opportunities
for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
with 3-point Project Course Credit

Spring 2017
Explore the research labs:
Did you know that you can pursue a research project you like, working directly with CS faculty and PhD candidates, and get 3 points of credit to count towards your CS degree?

Interested? Then...

  • Choose a project you find fascinating

    Computer Science Projects Listed Under the Student Research Involvement Portal


  • Contact the professor, introduce yourself and ask if you can work for the project

  • You can also browse available projects, and network with faculty to find the project that's right for you, at the Undergraduate and MS Project Fair! Come to the CS Lounge (450 Mudd) Wednesday and Thursday, January 18 and 19, 2017, at 12:00PM-2:00PM and be sure to bring your resume and a copy of your official transcript. For a list of projects and their days, click here.

  • Register for the project as though it were a course (before the last day to add a class) using the appropriate course number:

    • Masters students: Register for E6901. You can count up to 12 points of project courses toward your degree.
    • Undergraduates: Register for COMS W3998 for your first project. For your second project, register for W4901. You can count up to 6 points of project courses toward your CS degree.

Need Help?

Contact the Research Project Liaisons - project [at] lists [dot] cs [dot] columbia [dot] edu

or email them directly:

  • Yuan J Kang - [first name] [middle initial] [last initial] [at] cs [dot] columbia [dot] edu

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