Welcome to the Computational Biology Bi-Group at Columbia University

Established by Prof. Dana Pe'er and Prof. Itsik Pe'er in 2006, the Computational Biology Bi-Group brings together interdisciplinary and crossdisciplinary individuals and skill sets to tackle problems in high throughput genomics, systems biology and genetics. In addition to department-, program- or center-related activities, the Bi-Group meets weekly giving an opportunity for students to present their research internally and feed back on one another's work. Weekly meetings occasionally give host to guest speakers, include a journal club, or extracurricular activities.

Relevant Graduate Programs

The student and postdoc body in the Bi-Group is very diverse in terms of undergraduate background as well as current PhD program or postdoctoral affiliation. Specifically, we enjoy students from the following Columbia graduate programs

We find that the best way for a student to be exposed to the research life in the lab and for the group to get to know a student is a semester project/rotation, enabling the group and the student to evaluate the match for longer term commitment. Semester research projects are part of the curriculum in most of the above programs.

Groups Involved


See contacts for Dana and Itsik.

Disambiguation: Click here for the former Computational Biology Group at the Center for Computational Learning Systems and suplementary data for older publications.