6.864: Homeworks

Gilbert Street
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  • Update: We have made a revision to the late policy for problem sets: we will give students 5 "free" days that can be used as they wish across the 4 problem sets. Specifically, we will not penalise the first 5 late days that a student incurs on problem sets. After that, the penalties posted on the problem sets will apply (e.g., 5 points per day late on the first problem set). The final (0 point) deadline will still apply; for example for pset 1 any solutions handed in after October 1st will get 0 points.
  • 6.864 homework #1
    Due: 5pm, 9/26/2007
  • 6.864 homework #2

    The homework is due on 18th October, 2007, at 5pm (an earlier version of the homework said 18th October 2006, this typo has now been corrected).

    You can download poscounts.gz from here, wsj.19-21.test from here, and wsj.19-21.withtags from here. Extra materials:

  • 6.864 homework #3

    You can download corpus.de.gz from here and corpus.en.gz from here.

  • 6.864 homework #4
    Due: 5pm, 11/30/2007
  • Note: material for question 2 will be covered in the lecture on November 20th; material for question 4 will be covered on November 27th.