6.864: About

Gilbert Street
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Instructor: Michael Collins, mcollins AT csail.mit.edu
Time & Location: Tues & Thurs 1-2.30, 32-144
Office Hours: By appointment

TA: Igor Malioutov, igorm AT csail.mit.edu

Course Description:

6.864 is a graduate introduction to natural language processing, the study of human language from a computational perspective. We will cover syntactic, semantic and discourse processing models. The emphasis will be on machine learning or corpus-based methods and algorithms. We will describe the use of these methods and models in applications including syntactic parsing, information extraction, statistical machine translation, dialogue systems, and summarization.

This subject qualifies as an Artificial Intelligence and Applications concentration subject.

Problem sets:

There were will be 4 problem sets during the class, due roughly every two weeks. The problem sets will include both theoretical problems and some programming assignments.


There will be a mid-term and a final in the class.


There will be a final project for the class, more details to follow.


The overall grade will be determined roughly as follows: Midterm 20%, Final 30%, Problem sets 25%, Final 25%.


Here is a tentative syllabus for class:


Course readings will be available either on the web or in-class handouts.