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Alfred V. Aho is Lawrence Gussman Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
at Columbia University.

Room 513 Computer Science Building,


CS 3261: Computer Science Theory - Section 001, Fall 2017
CS 6998: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages and Compilers, Fall 2014
CS 4115: Programming Languages and Translators, Spring 2015



Recent PhD Students

Gaurav Kc: Defending Software Against Process-Subversion Attacks
Krysta Svore: Achieving Reliable, Scalable, Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing
Marc Eaddy: An Empirical Assessment of the Crosscutting Concern Problem
Stuart Hadfield: Quantum Algorithms for Scientific Computing and Approximate Optimization

Research Interests

Programming languages, compilers, algorithms, software engineering, quantum computing
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Recent Invited Talks

Teaching Compilers, SIGCSE 2010
The Quintessential Questions of Computer Science, Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, June 22, 2011
C, the Enduring Legacy of Dennis Ritchie, Dennis Ritchie Tribute at Bell Labs, September 7, 2012,   Text of talk.
Computational Thinking, NEC, 2013
Programming Languages and Compilers for Quantum Computers, June 16, 2014
Bell Labs Role in Programming Languages and Algorithms, Simons Foundation, June 5, 2015
Software, Computation and Models of Computation, IIT Madras, January 8, 2016
Regular Expressions, JerseySTEM Math Club, March 5, 2017
From Algorithms to Software, NEC Foundation, November 30, 2017

Recent Patents

Gaurav S. Kc and Alfred V. Aho, Detecting and Preventing Malcode Execution, #7,971,255, June 28, 2011

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