The lectures and readings listed here are subject to change, including in response to current events (i.e., major new security holes).
Jan 19
  • Text, Chapter 1
Jan 21
Google versus China: Ethnical Issues
Jan 26
Ethics I
Feb 02
What is Privacy?
Feb 04
Wiretapping and Eavesdropping
Feb 09
Wiretapping II
Feb 11
Privacy: Legal Issues
Feb 23
Free Speech: Accountability
Feb 25
Free Speech: Crossing Borders
Mar 04
Online Behavior
Mar 09
Voluntary Disclosures
Mar 11
Privacy in Online Social Networks: An Oxymoron? (Guest lecturer Balachander Krishnamurthy of AT&T Labs Research)
Mar 23
Intellectual Property: Trademarks
Mar 25
Mar 30
Copyrights; Patents
Apr 01
"The Free Software Movement and the GPL", Guest lecturer Prof. Eben Moglen (CU Law School), former general counsel of the Free Software Foundation. (no slides)
Apr 06
Risks of Computers
Apr 08
Risks: Security
Apr 13
Risks: Voting Machines (Hugh Thompson, guest lecturer)
Apr 15
Risks: What do we Do?
Apr 20
Apr 22
Computers and the Media (John Schwartz, guest lecturer)
Apr 27
Gender Issues
Apr 29
Semester wrap-up (no slides)