E6998-2 Schedule

Date Topic Speaker Reading
9/03 Intro The Rise of "Worse is better", Why do computers stop, Therac 25
9/10 Static analysis Meta-compilation, Automated rule inference, PREfix
9/17 Implementation-level model checking VeriSoft, Storage system model checking (FiSC, EXPLODE)
9/24 "Never-fail" trading systems Guest speaker: Josh Engelman (D.E. Shaw)
10/01 Project proposal
10/08 Symbolic execution Malicious disk, Cute, Klee
10/15 Failure isolation and recovery Failure-oblivious computing, Isolating driver faults (1, 2), Bugs as allergies
10/22 Debugging Delta debugging (1, 2), Slicing (1, 2), Statistical debugging
10/29 Concurrency I Bug study, Eraser, Deadlock Immunity
11/05 Finding and Debugging Heisenbugs Guest speaker: Madan Musuvathi (MSR) CHESS, Context-bounding
11/12 Project midterm report
11/19 Dynamic instrumentation Atom, Valgrind
11/26 Virtualization LLVM, VMware
12/03 Error Fixing Data structure repair, Blocking bad input