Mo Ha
mo dot ha at columbia dot edu

I'm a senior dog researcher, majoring in Computer Science at Columbia University. My research interests include computational smell* and offline reinforcement learning (i.e., learning new tricks while napping).

In my freetime, I play frisbee, take my advisor and advisee on hikes, and gain weight like there's no tomorrow.

I'm fortunate to be advised by Huy Ha and to mentor the talented Oliver Ha.

* inspired by Professor Carl Vondrick


  • May 2021 I travelled to Seattle, Minnesota, San Francisco to celebrate my dad's graduation.
  • April 2021 I was promoted to senior dog researcher, and took on advising Oliver Ha!
  • Dec 2019 My first snow!
  • August 2019 I followed my dad to NYC.
  • August 2017 Dad left me for college :( and he made a video about me before leaving
  • August 2016 I became a dad to four sons!
  • Dec 2015 I posted my second frisbee video.
  • May 2015 I starred in my first film!
  • April 2015 I learned how to open drawers.
  • July 2014 I went on my first flight, and spent the summer in Ho Chi Minh city.
  • June 2014 I posted my first frisbee video.
  • Jan 2014 I caught my first frisbee!
  • September 2013 My dad brought me home!
  • May 2013 I went to my first home, where I was mistreated for the first few months of my life.
  • April 2013 I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Portfolio

    Pictures from my modelling portfolio coming soon.