Oliver Ha
oliver dot ha at columbia dot edu

I'm a junior puppy researcher in Computer Science at Columbia University. My research interests include computational physics, metaphysics, and metametaphysics.

Lately, I also like to ponder about P = NP. For those unfamiliar, this is the open problem of whether peeing is the same as not peeing. When I'm at home, I think it's the same so I pee on the carpet anyways.

I'm fortunate to be co-advised by Huy Ha* and Mo Ha*.

* indicates equal contribution


  • May 2021 I visited Seattle, roadtripped along Minnesota, and found my first crush in San Francisco.
  • April 2021 My dad brought me home to NYC!
  • Feb 2021 I was born at Gold Creek Ranch in Montana to my mom Jen and my dad Texas!

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