Changxi Zheng
  603 Schapiro (CEPSR)
  Dept. of Computer Science
  Columbia University
  New York, NY 10027

I'm an Associate Professor at Columbia University. I joined the faculty of Computer Science Department after I received my PhD from Cornell University. Now I am directing Columbia's Computer Graphics Group (C2G2) in Columbia Vision and Graphics Center (CVGC). I work on applied computer science, with a particular focus on computer graphics and scientific computing in general.

Research Overview
Along with my students and collaborators, I develop numerical models for simulating various physical phenomena that involve complex motions such as fluids, bubbles, thin rods, and their resulting acoustic waves. Leveraging the computational insights developed in these models, I also devise methods in a range of applications including improving the process of making tangible objects and enrich them with novel new functionalities, enabling unprecedented human-computer interactions, and developing software tools for making acoustic and photonic devices.

selected publications

current teaching