Victor Soto


I am a fourth year PhD student in Computer Science at Columbia University working with Professor Julia Hirschberg. My research interests include Speech Processing and Machine Learning. In the past, I have worked on rescoring strategies for improved Speech Recognition and Keyword Search for Low Resource Languages. Currently I am starting to work on NLP and Speech Processing tools for code-switched corpora. You can find my CV here.



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"Computing Cost-Effective Census Maps From Cell Phone Traces", V. Frias-Martinez, V. Soto, J. Virseda and E. Frias-Martinez, Pervasive Urban Applications -PURBA 2012, Newscastle, UK, 2012 [PDF]

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"Prediction of Socioeconomic Levels using Cell Phone Records",V. Soto, V. Frias-Martinez, J. Virseda and E. Frias-Martinez,International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP), Industrial Track, Girona, Spain, 2011[PDF]

"A double pruning algorithm for classification ensembles",V. Soto, G. Martinez-Muñoz, D. Hernandez-Lobato and A. Suarez,Multiple Classifier Systems: 9th International Workshop (MCS),Cairo, Egypt, 2010 [PDF]

Master's Thesis

"Dynamic and Static Pruning Techniques for Classification Ensembles", V. Soto. Advisor G. Martinez-Muñoz, UAM 2011 [PDF] [External Link]

Contact me!

Please contact me at vsoto -at- cs -dot- columbia -dot- edu