Updated on January 17, 2011

I work in the Internet Real Time Laboratory. The following are the list of my research projects that I have done at Columbia University or prior.

ActiveCDN: Allows content providers to dynamically deploy and instantiate content delivery network modules on the Internet, using the NetServ framework.
Timeline: Spring 2010 - Spring 2011

NetServ: "To address the limitations of services in the current Internet, this work presents a clean slate Internet architecture, called NetServ, based on the concepts of service virtualization. NetServ strives to break up the functions provided by Internet services and to make these functionalities available as modular building blocks for network services." (from the NSF website.)
Timeline: Spring 2009 - Fall 2009 (?)

BonAHA: BonAHA is a library that can be used for easily building rich P2P applications that can operate in a regular always-on network, an ad-hoc wireless network or even in a disconnected scenario.
Technologies used: Java, mDNS, DNS-SD, Bonjour, iPhone/iPod, Python for Nokia n800
Timeline: Spring 2008 - Fall 2008

WORKIT: The Wireless Open Research KIT (WORKIT) software is a flexible platform for systems research in wireless networking which provides reusable modules for realizing a wide range of mobile networking scenarios such as integrated 802.11+3G networks, mesh networks, high capacity mobile access routers and SIP-based multimedia networks.
Timeline: Fall 2007 - Fall 2008

BonSwing (paused): The BonSwing libraries are a framework for building rich GUI applications in a transitional network in which nodes come and leave the network regularly.
Timeline: Fall 2007

7DS: a platform that enables users and gadgets to communicate with each other in the absence of a larger network such as the Internet. While the first version we wrote was in C, we are currently rewriting the project in Java for a richer GUI, faster development, and true cross-platform development.
Timeline: Spring 2005 - Fall 2008.

Improving efficiency of multicast service discovery: monitoring of network interface changes that occur when a device with IEEE 802.11 enabled joins a new network area. Discovering network topology changes and new services in real-time while minimizing network overhead.
Timeline: Summer 2006.

Analysis of multicast traffic on a campus network: coming soon.
Timeline: Summer 2007.

Service discovery: The technology that we are using for 7DS involves service discovery, particularly using mDNS, DNS-SD and Apple's Bonjour implementation. I am working on building a framework for mobile ad-hoc applications like 7DS using Apple's Bonjour, tentatively titled "BonAHA".

Among my other work at Columbia:

  • Helping rebuild the IRT lab website
  • A/V crew: Helped videotape the invited special lectures and faculty candidate talks at the Computer Science department. January 2005 - December 2006.

Univeristy of Florida, LIST Lab

ATSS - Airborne Traffic Surveillance System where I worked on the logistics, as well as the software design of a client-server application framework that would receive signals from the UAV and transmit them over the network. The "client" at the headquarters would receive the signals and switch the video view based on which signal was strongest.