Updated on May 18, 2010

My coursework and projects done during the course of my undergrad and graduate programs.

Columbia University

Spring 2009: Computer Architecture

Fall 2008: Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2008

Fall 2007: Programming Languages and Translators

Fall 2006

  • Computer Networks
  • Advanced Software Engineering
    JBird: "My Yahoo"-like portal for weather, finance and news using Yahoo APIs
    [Revised project proposal]

Spring 2006

  • Operating Systems
  • Anonymity and Privacy in Computer Networks
    Golden Shield: Lack of Anonymity and Privacy under the Communist Regime in China
    [Final report | Presentation]

University of Florida

Fall 2001 - Fall 2003

  • Simulation and Analysis of Wireless Routing Protocols (Programmed in Glomosim / Parsec) Simulation and analysis of Distributed Bellman-Ford (DBF), Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) and Associativity-Based Routing (ABR) algorithms for mobile ad hoc network (Queuing Theory and Data Communications)
  • Implementation of a Web-based Volunteer Computing System (Programmed in Java / Javaspaces) Study and implementation of a volunteer based parallel processing system over TCP/IP based on JavaSpaces, (Parallel Computer Architecture)
  • Instant Messaging system in Java (Programmed in Java / RMI) Implementation of an instant messaging system in Java (Computer Communication)
  • Simulation of Java Processor and Implementation of Instruction Folding (C) Simulation of a Java processor, including a technique called instruction folding. (Computer Architecture)
  • Wall Following Robot in LISP (LISP) To simulate a wall following, obstacle avoiding, obstacle contouring robot in LISP according to given specifications (Elements of Machine Intelligence)

University of Madras, India

  • JEPPS - Java Enabled Plug-and-Play System (Java/JavaComm/Swing) Simulation of a Java based system that would provide hardware standards similar to Plug-and-Play for any computer that has a Java Virtual Machine.