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This page was last updated in 2010, and is very outdated. Please view my LinkedIn page for latest updates.


PhD student in Computer Science at Columbia University with research experience in multimedia and video processing, content distribution networks (CDN), programmable modular routers, wireless networks, search engines, web servers and architectures; and advanced software programming skills in C, C++, Java and PHP. Seeking challenging and fulfilling research or consulting work in fields related to my expertise.


PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), Computer Science. Columbia Univeristy in the City of New York. Jan 2005 - May 2011 (expected)
GPA: 3.93/4.00
Key Courses: Visual Databases, Anonymity and Privacy in Computer Networks, Advanced Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Computer Networks

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering . University of Florida , Gainesville , FL . Dec 2003.
Key Courses:
Computer Architecture, Parallel Computer Architecture, Machine Intelligence, Wireless Networks, Queueing Theory, VLSI Circuits

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics Engineering . University of Madras ( India ) . July 2001. First class with Distinction
Key Courses:
Digital Systems, Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques, Digital Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Image Processing


Bell Labs (Alcatel-Lucent), Service Infrastructure Division, Holmdel, NJ
Summer intern, summer 2009

  • Studies and analyzed content distribution for sites such as YouTube, CNN and Hulu
  • Experimented with localized caching of popular content for YouTube
  • Developed simple prototype for Content-Centric Networking (CCN)
  • Developed schemas and callflows for On-Path CDNs using TCP connections, allowing for next-generation content networking on today's Internet architecture.

Columbia University, Department of Computer Science, Internet Real Time Laboratory
Graduate research and teaching assistant, Jan 2005 - present
Supervisor: Dr. Henning Schulzrinne

  • DynamicCDN: Researching and building next-generation content distribution networks (CDNs) which are dynamic and based on content addressing.
  • NetServ: Researching and building service virtualization architecture for the Internet core for the "clean slate" approach. Involves programmable modular routers and network virtualization (using Click modular router, Java JNI and OSGi modules).
  • BonAHA: a framework for building mobile ad-hoc applications that run in MANETs. Involved mDNS, ZeroConf service discovery and ad-hoc wireless networks (using Java and Apple.s Bonjour library.)
  • 7DS: an application suite of wireless peer-to-peer communication network for exchanging information in absence of a larger network. Sample 7DS applications I built or was involved in: shared offline webpage reader, store-and-forward e-mail, file synchronization, group chat, bbs/forum, drag-and-drop file exchange. (in C and Java).
  • WORKIT project to develop a wireless testbed platform for Mobile IP. Involved setting up embedded Linux (LEAF) on an embedded system (WRAP and Soekris platforms)
  • Websites: Maintained the Internet Real Time Laboratory group website, the WORKIT website and the NetServ website
  • Teaching Assistant: Web Enhanced Information Technology (Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010).

University of Florida , Department of Electrical Engineering
Research and teaching assistant; Jan 2003 . August 2004 
Supervisor: Dr. Haniph Latchman

  • Conducted research in .Airborne Traffic Surveillance Systems., involving unmanned aerial vehicles, wireless communication, capture, digital encoding and decoding and switching of video for traffic surveillance. Also involved RS-232 serial port, multimedia and network socket programming.
  • Assistant researcher in investigating deploying hybrid powerline-WiFi last-mile broadband Internet solution; including authentication over powerline networks using 802.1x, EAP and RADIUS
  • Assisting in miscellaneous research work in multimedia traffic (MPEG and DVD video), wireless networks, control systems and powerline networks
  • Teaching Assistant for: Computer Communications (graduate) and Control Systems (undergraduate)


Strong publication history. Please see my publications page for a full list of my publications.


Mammatech Corporation, FL Jun 2003 . Sep 2003
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Goldstein
Research intern

  • Enhanced computer based tutorial for teaching doctors to detect breast cancer by tactile sensing in Borland C++ Builder. Project funded by the National Cancer Institute.

O and P Digital Technologies, Gainesville , FL Jan 2004 . Apr 2004
Web Developer (part-time).

  • Developed administration systems for four online health magazines in ASP and SQL
  • Helped update two popular orthopedics e-commerce websites using ASP, SQL, XML and XSL

The Epoch Times (English edition), New York , NY Sep 2003 . present
Web Developer / Editor

University of Florida (Network Services), Gainesville , FL Jan 2002 . Dec 2002
Web Developer / Network Administrator

  • Developed intranet pages for administration of student dorms using ASP and SQL
  • Developed web pages to monitor network traffic over Cisco routers using ASP and MRTG

Kengs India Pvt. Ltd., India May 1997 . May 2001
Software Programmer / Web Developer (part-time)

  • Developed teaching software to teach six high school subjects in Visual Basic and Java
  • Developed backend for Indian education market portals using JSP and Servlets


Programming: C, C++, Java (14 years); HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL (12 years); Visual Basic and ASP (8 years); XML, XSL and parsers; Matlab; LabVIEW;  .NET; Perl
Applications: Microsoft Office 2010 (including earlier versions); Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio
Operating Systems: Windows (starting from 3.1), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Knoppix, SuSE and floppy distributions), Solaris, Mac (starting with 9.x)
Programming IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans




http://www.college-park.com/ (e-commerce website)
http://www.sandstormmovie.com/ and many more


  • GATE-2001 entrance exam (graduate admission to IITs): All-India rank 1935 (Mar 2001)
  • Indian Institute of Technology entrance: All-India rank 2786 out of 100,000 students. (Sep 1997)
  • TNPCEE entrance exam: All-India rank 1164 out of around 120,000 students. (Jul 1997)
  • All-India Top 0.1% in Chemistry, 12th grade (Jul 1997)
  • All-India Top 0.1% in English, 10th grade (Aug 1995)


GRE, August 2000: 2140 (800 Q + 700 A + 640 V)
TOEFL, August 2004: 290 / 300 (Listening: 27, Writing: 30, Reading: 30)


Falun Dafa Club, Columbia University Jan 2005 - present
President (Jan 2005 - Aug 2009); Events officer (Sep 2009 . May 2010)

Falun Gong Cultivation Society, University of Florida Aug 2002 . May 2004

  • Assisted in volunteer activities to raise awareness about the persecution of the spiritual practice Falun Gong under the Communist Party in China
  • Assisted and coordinated holding local volunteer activities on college campuses.
  • Traveled to New York , Washington DC, Atlanta , Philadelphia and cities in Florida , at own expense, to participate in peaceful rallies and appeals to raise awareness about the persecution of Falun Gong
  • Developed website for .Sandstorm., a movie that documents the human rights abuses of Falun Gong practitioners in China . http://www.sandstormmovie.com/

References provided upon request