Se Gi Hong | Projects

10/2011 ~ Present
Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) Project
Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Multihoming system

09/2009 ~ 08/2011
Internet Cache on Wheels (ICOW) Project
Columbia University
Opportunistic wireless networks for public transit systems

05/2009 ~ 08/2009
Hybrid Wireless Network Project
InterDigital Communications, LLC (Summer Internship)
09/2007 ~ 05/2009
Permission-Based Sending (PBS) Project
Columbia University
Control plane signaling architecture for programmable routers

06/2007 ~ 08/2007
Evaluation of a DHT-based P2P System
Bell Labs at Alcatel-Lucent (Summer Internship)

DHT-based P2P control messages

01/2006 ~ 05/2007
Seven Degrees (7DS) Project

Columbia University
Distributed wireless networks

    Measurements of Multicast Service Discovery

    Accerelating Service Discovery

    P2P Information Exchange

01/2004 ~ 12/2005
The Armstrong Project

Columbia University
Funneling-MAC protocol