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Fall 2006

COMS W4118-1 Operating Systems I

Spring 2005

ELEN E9002 Research II (Wireless Sensor Networks)

ELEN E6762 Computer Communications Networks II

IEOR E4106 Introduction to Operations Research : Stochastic Models

Fall 2004

ELEN E6002 Advanced Projects (Wireless Sensor Networks)

ELEN E6761 Computer Communications Networks I

Spring 2004

ELEN E6001 Advanced Projects (Wireless Sensor Networks)

CSEE E6180 Modeling & Performance Evaluation

ELEN E4703 Wireless Communications

Fall 2003

ELEN E6887 Topics in Signal Processing : Statistical Methods for Video Indexing and Analysis

ELEN E4810 Digital Signal Processing 

Teaching Assistant :

Fall 2005

ELEN E4710 An Introduction to Network Engineering