Projects from CSEE 4840 Embedded System Design
Spring 2012
Columbia University, Computer Engineering Program
Prof. Stephen A. Edwards

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Fighting video gamestar
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Pan Deng, Hongtao Li, Haosen Wang, Lei Wang, and Pengyi Zhang

This group implemented a remarkable fighting game, starting by digitizing 60 pictures of their group members in various stances, then animating themselves as sprites on the steps of Low Library.


Interactive Fractal Viewerstar
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Nathaniel Hwang, Richard Nwaobasi, Luis Pena, and Stephen Pratt

This project quickly produced beautiful Julia set fractals by harnessing the parallel arithmetic capabilities of the FPGA.


Platform Videogamestar
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Shangru Li and Zachary Salzbank

This group's game sent you jumping and falling through an endless landscape of floating platforms.


The Awesome Guitar Gamestar
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Laurent Charignon and Avijit Singh

This group implemented a Guitar-Hero-Like game, going so far as to interface a toy guitar and requiring you to tap buttons in time with a pre-recorded song.


Frogger-like videogamestar
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Shengzhen Li, Chenxi Liu, Ziyao Xu, and Xin Zhang

This group implemented a very colorful rendition of the 80's era videogame Frogger.


Hardware Acceleration of Market Order Decodingstar
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Amandeep Chhabra, Manu Dhundi, Prabhat Godse, and Adil Sadik

This group's project examined a high-speed trading application: receiving order packets directly with hardware, bypassing the slow software layer.


Smasher Video Game
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Chaoying Kang, Jian Liu, and Tong Zhang

This group implemented a video game with similarities to breakout.


Ping pong game with touch screen
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Younggyun Cho, Hao Zheng, Ran Zheng, and Xiang Zhou

This group implemented a two-player table-tennis-inspired game that used a Terasic resistive touchpanel as an I/O device.


Hardware Accelerated Market Order Packet Generation
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Sushant Bhardwaj, Ankur Gupta, Yasser Mohammed, Dhananjay Palshikar, and Mithila Paryekar

This group's project examined a high-speed trading application: sending order packets directly with hardware, bypassing the slow software layer.


MIDI Synthesizer
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Warren Cheng, Robert Hendry, and Ashwin Ramachandran

This group implemented a MIDI synthesizer on the DE2.


Pong Video Game
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Zuyang Cao, Bo Li, Cong Liu, and Jihong Zou

This group implemented a color Pong-like game that could be played by one or two players, one of whom could be playing remotely on a computer connected via Ethernet.


Bastard Ice Cream Videogame
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Haodan Huang, Lei Mao, Yaozhong Song, and Ziheng Zhou

This group's video game involved an ice cream cone running through an ice brick maze eating fruit and avoding a fruit guard.


Networked Battleship game
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Daniel Aprahamian, Apoorva Gade, Shihab Hamati, and Marc Howard

This group's implemention of Battleship had one player using the DE2 board and communicating with another, remote, player on a computer connected via Ethernet.


An Educational Shooting Game
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Yuhan Dai, Lianyi Ding, Dian Wang, and Chi Zhang

This group implemented a variant of the popular iOS-based puzzle game.


Guitar Hero Game
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and Imre Frotier de la Messeliere


Tetris Game
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and Yunfan Dong