Q : I'm a Computer Science student with no background in biology. Can I take the course?
A : Sure. The necessary biological background will be given in condensed form at the first meeting, and then supplemented when necessary. The course is designed for a small, interactive class, with each student having enough weight to affect the level of background given.

Q : I'm a student in Medical Informatics/Biological Sciences with no background in computing. Can I take the course?
A : Probably not. You will need to be able to write your own programs. Some background in probability/statistics/biometry is an advantage.
Q : How is the course graded?
A : A combination of homework assignments, late midterm and a final project.
Q : What are the projects like?
A : An example may be giving you a 5 year-old paper, asking you to read, understand, implement the computational method so that it can work on today's data (which is often orders of magnitude larger and more complex), analyse what you find, and write up what you find. Submission will include:
* Any code you've developed
* A detailed written report
* An executive summary of 5 slides.
Q : What are the office hours?
A : Wed morning. See my contacts.