Xi Chen’s Home page


I am an associate professor in the Computer Science Department of Columbia University. Before joining Columbia, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
and University of Southern California

I studied in Tsinghua University (B.S. in Physics / Maths 03 and Ph.D. in Computer Science 07). My advisor was Professor Bo Zhang, and I was a member of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science led by Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao.

My research interests lie in Algorithmic Game Theory / Economics
and Complexity Theory (CV). My research is currently supported by

an NSF CAREER award, a Sloan research fellowship, and start-up from

Columbia University. I recently received the EATCS Presburger award.


        CSOR 4231: Analysis of Algorithms, S14 and S12

        COMS 6998: Lower Bounds in Theoretical Computer Science, F13

        COMS 4236: Introduction to Computational Complexity, S13 and F14

        COMS 6998: Randomness in Computing, F12

        COMS 4995: Introduction to Communication Complexity, F11

        COMS 6998: Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics, S11

        A mini-course on Algorithmic Game Theory with Alex Fabrikant

Current PhD Students:

        Tim Randolph, co-advised with Rocco Servedio

        Erik Waingarten, co-advised with Rocco Servedio

Graduated PhD Student:

        Timothy Sun (Emory University, co-advised with Rocco Servedio)
Jinyu Xie (Pinterest)

        Xiaorui Sun (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Program Committee:

        WINE 06, SODA 08, AAIM 08, WINE 08, TAMC 09, FAW 09,

        SAGT 10, AAIM 11, AAIM 12, ACM EC 12, WINE 12, SODA 13,

        STOC 13, TAMC 13, EC 13, ISAAC 13, SAGT 16, COCOON 16, EC 16



        Theory Group and Theory Seminar at Columbia

        Alex Andoni is organizing our theory seminar this semester.
        Please send him an email if you would like to visit us and give a talk.
        New York Area Theory Day


        Mailing address:

               Department of Computer Science

               450 Computer Science Building

               1214 Amsterdam Avenue, Mailcode: 0401

               New York, NY 10027-7003   

        Office: 503 Computer Science Building

        Phone: (212) 939-7136

        Email: csxichen "at" gmail.com