Timothy Sun
About Me
I'm a sixth-year PhD student in Computer Science, advised by Rocco Servedio and Xi Chen in the Theory Group. As an undergrad, I was also at Columbia as a CS major. My senior thesis was advised by Jonathan Gross. I'm interested in property testing, topological graph theory, communication complexity, and discrete geometry.

In my spare time, I like to solve Rubik's Cube and related puzzles for speed. I used to compete actively. I've held six national titles and twelve continental records, and I won three bronze medals at the 2009 World Championships. I also play in the Columbia badminton club. Since Fall 2012, I have been the captain of the team.

2018-01-12 I gave an invited talk "Face distributions of embeddings of complete graphs" at the Joint Mathematical Meetings in San Diego, CA.
Spring 2018: COMS W4203: Graph Theory
Simultaneous constructions for minimum triangulations and complete graph embeddings
T. Sun, manuscript
Jungerman ladders and index 2 constructions for genus embeddings of dense regular graphs
T. Sun, in preparation
A simple construction for orientable triangular embeddings of the complete graphs on 12s vertices
T. Sun, Discrete Mathematics 342(4) (2019) 1147-1151 [preprint]
Revisiting Mayer: Symmetric solutions for sporadic cases of the Map Color Theorem
T. Sun, manuscript
Face distributions of embeddings of complete graphs
T. Sun, submitted
Sample-based high-dimensional convexity testing
X. Chen, A. Freilich, R. Servedio, T. Sun, RANDOM 2017 [full version]
Deployable 3D Linkages With Collision Avoidance
C. Zheng, T. Sun, X. Chen, ACM/EG SCA 2016 (Best Paper Award)
Computational Design of Twisty Joints and Puzzles
T. Sun, C. Zheng, ACM SIGGRAPH (Proc. Trans. on Graphics) 2015
Fast Multipole Representation of Diffusion Curves and Points
T. Sun, P. Thamjaroenporn, C. Zheng, ACM SIGGRAPH (Proc. Trans. on Graphics) 2014
Genus distributions of cubic series-parallel graphs
J. L. Gross, M. Kotrbcik, T. Sun, DMTCS 16(3) (2014)
On Milgram's construction and the Duke embedding conjectures
T. Sun, senior thesis (advisor: Jonathan Gross)
Drawing some 4-regular planar graphs with integer edge lengths
T. Sun, 25th CCCG (2013)
Rigidity-theoretic constructions of integral Fary embeddings
T. Sun, 23rd CCCG (2011)