COMS 3998, 4901, 6901, 6902, 9911, 9800, 9910 and BINF 6001

I offer several research-oriented projects, each with potential to be pursued to different depths, to fit different levels of credit requirements. Our lab has had positive experiences with students as early in their career as their freshman/sophomore summer for particular projects, as long as the student has the skills to be an independent programmer. We also offer graduate-level projects (Computer Science MSc or Computational Biology rotation), although we strongly recommend students with no prior research experience not to take on a research project during their first semester in Columbia. Specific projects currently available:

1. Development of a GUI for other tools in the group
2. Simulation and evaluation for recently developed methods
3. Optimization of tools developed in the group

The success of any project typically hinges on the level of commitment that a student can dedicate to research. Students are encouraged to apply, but advised to consider the burden of a research project on their time, commensurate with a non-project course with the same academic credit, and weigh that in when considering taking on other courses while they are doing research. Please send your CV if you are interested.