Itsik Pe'er

I am a professor of computer science and systems biology at Columbia University.
As the principal investigator at the Itsik Pe'er Lab of Computational Genomics, develop computational methods to understand human genetic variation and other high throughput data in genomics

Mailing address (CS front desk)

450 Computer Science Building
500 W 120th st, Mailcode: 0401
New York, New York 10027-7003

Office Location

Office: 505 Computer Science Building, Tel. +1-212-8538437
Lab: 506/7 Computer Science Building
500 W 120th st, which is also 1214 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, New York 10027-7003


Best way to get to my office:

  • Get to the Columbia Morningside campus and head to the northeast corner of the 114th-120th-Broadway-Amsterdam block:
    • Easiest: Take a taxi to 120th between Broadway & Amsterdam, much closer to Amsterdam
    • Other options: subway #1 or busses M4, M104, M60 to 116th st. & Broadway ; M11 or M60 to 120th st and Amsterdam
  • Enter MUDD building, and get to the 4th floor (campus level).
  • Enter the glass doors (open 8am-7pm) to Computer Science on your south (left if you just left the elevators).
  • Turn left (east) after the admin office, and go through the glass doors on your right (south)
  • If you don't have CS card access, ask the admins (9am-5pm) to buzz you in through these second doors.
  • Turn left (east) and continue through the corridor till a stairway.
  • Climb the u-turning stairway (east and west) and make a triple left turn (south, east, north).
  • I'm in the 4th door on the left (west).