(10/5) Homework 2

Homework 2 (.pdf,.md,.tex) is due October 30.

(9/28) Office hours on Monday, October 2

I will not be holding office hours on Monday, October 2. Instead, I’ll hold office hours on Wednesday, October 4, 12:30-2:00 PM (updated 9/30). You may also post your questions to Piazza.

(9/18) Class on Monday, September 25

Please note that there will be lecture on Monday, September 25 (given by the TA). However, I will not be holding office hours that day.

(9/17) Homework 1, class participation, notes

Homework 1 (.pdf,.md,.tex) is due October 18.

Please make sure you understand the instructions for presenting and scribing. Keep in mind that preparing a good presentation can take several days, so plan ahead accordingly. For example, you should read the paper much more than a week before the presentation.

Notes on the first three lectures are posted: Experts & bandits.

(9/6) Homework 0

Homework 0 (.pdf,.md,.tex) is due September 13. This is required for all students. Even if you are not enrolled in the course yet—but hope to be at some point—you must do this assignment and submit it by the deadline.

This is a “calibration” assignment; your score on it will not affect your grade (assuming you submit it on time). If you have trouble with this assignment, please take it as a sign that this course may not be appropriate for you and consider dropping.

(7/17) Enrollment

Due to high demand, Computer Science (COMS) courses at the 4000-level and above are only open to Computer Science and Computer Engineering students during early registration periods. COMS courses will open to students in other departments after August 12. There are no exceptions to this policy.