News and Events


Summer 2016

  • August 26: Hyunwoo Nam successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Analysis and Improvement of the End-user Over-The-Top Video Streaming Experience".

Spring 2016

  • February 5: Suman successfully defended his dissertation on "Improving Content Delivery and Service Discovery in Networks".

Summer 2015

  • June 26: Jong Yul Kim successfully defended his thesis entitled "On SIP Server Clusters and the Migration to Cloud Computing Platforms".

Spring 2015

  • March 3: Hyunwoo Nam passed his PhD proposal defense.

Fall 2014

  • October 27: Kyung Hwa Kim successfully debugged his PhD thesis proposal.

Fall 2013

  • December 20: Wonsang Song passed his PhD thesis defense on "Next Generation Emergency Call System with Enhanced Indoor Positioning".

Spring 2012

  • May 7: Jae Woo Lee passed his PhD thesis defense on "Towards a Common System Architecture for Dynamically Deploying Network Services in Routers and End Hosts".

Summer 2011

  • August 26: Se Gi Hong defended his PhD thesis entitled "Mitigating Network Service Disruptions in High-bandwidth, Intermittently Connected, and Peer-to-Peer Networks".

Fall 2010

  • December 3: Kumiko passed her PhD proposal.
  • October 29: Salman Baset defended his PhD thesis entitled "Protocol and System Design, Reliability, and Energy Efficiency in Peer-to-Peer Communication Systems".

Spring 2010

  • April 8: Charles Shen passed his PhD thesis defense on "Scalable, robust and secure signaling for next-generation Internet multimedia services."
  • April 1: Ashutosh Dutta passed his PhD thesis defense on "Systems Optimization for Mobility Management." He is believed to have set a lab record of most pages and most publications in his thesis, with 510 pages and ~67 publications.
  • March 31: Alexander Fischer returns to Germany to complete his thesis, after several months as a visitor at the IRT Lab.

Spring 2009

  • February 27: Erkki Harjula, a visiting researcher from University of Oulu, returned to Finland after several months at the IRT lab.

Fall 2007

  • December 10 - 13: CoNEXT 2007 conference ... at Columbia University.
  • October 14: IRT Fall 2007 Social.
  • October 5: A farewell dinner for Andy Yuen, who starts working at Telcordia as a research scientist. He was a post-doctoral fellow in our lab from Spring 2005 to Fall 2007.

Summer 2007

  • June 29: Kenta Yasukawa returns to Japan after 10 months at the IRT Lab as a visitor. The farewell dinner was at the Onigashima restaurant ... and it was followed by some by a trip to the Apple store for the iPhone launch.

Spring 2007

  • May 8: Arezu will give the last of the IRT Tuesday presentations for the Spring semester.