Local Deformation for Interactive Shape Editing

SIGGRAPH 2023 (Conference Track)

1Columbia University

2Adobe Research


We introduce a novel regularization for localizing an elastic-energy-driven deformation to only those regions being manipulated by the user. Our local deformation features a natural region of influence, which is automatically adaptive to the geometry of the shape, the size of the deformation and the elastic energy in use. We further propose a three-block ADMM-based optimization to efficiently minimize the energy and achieve interactive frame rates. Our approach avoids the artifacts of other alternative methods, is simple and easy to implement, does not require tedious control primitive setup and generalizes across different dimensions and elastic energies. We demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of our localized deformation tool through a variety of local editing scenarios, including 1D, 2D, 3D elasticity and cloth deformation.

Supplementary Video


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