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My research interests focus on human-centric Natural Language Processing for social good and responsible computing. I develop theory-guided and knowledge-aware computational models for understanding and generating language in context (e.g., visual, social, multilingual, multicultural) with applications to computational social science, education, public health.. Research topics that I worked on over the years include: argument mining and generation, fact-checking and misinformation detection, figurative language understanding and generation (e.g., sarcasm, metaphor, idioms), language and vision, multilingual language processing for low-resource languages. I am also interested in explainable models and human-AI collaboration frameworks for high-quality datasets creation, helping humans solve tasks, and aligning AI systems with human values.

Smaranda Muresan

Smaranda Muresan
Research Scientist
Data Science Institute & CS Department
Columbia University
email: smara --AT--
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