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  • [2022 -- 2026] Co-PI NIH NIDA award ``Identifying Suspected Drug Overdose Deaths in Near Real-Time Using Data Collected by Death Investigators''(PI Karli Hochstatter (Friends Research Institute); Co-PI Nabila El-Bassel (Columbia University))
  • [2022 -- 2026] Co-PI IARPA award ``PAUSIT: Privacy protection and Authorship attribution Using Stylebased Interpretable Transfer'' for the Human Interpretable Attribution of Text using Underlying Structure (HIATUS) program (PI Chris Callison-Burch (UPenn))
  • [2022 -- 2024] Co-PI DARPA award ``CHARM:Cross-Cultural Harmony though Affect and Response Mediation.'' for the Computational Cultural Understanding (CCU) program (PI Kathleen McKeown (Columbia University))
  • [2022 -- 2023] Co-PI DSI Seed Fund award ``Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Neuroscience Literatures: Harnessing Data Science to Create a Unified Conceptualization of Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Research and the Popular Press'' (PI Valerie Purdie-Greenaway (Columbia University))
  • [2020 -- 2023] PI NSF award ``Collaborative:Research:Computational Models for Studying Word Class Distinctions in Polysynthetic Languages'' (PI at UMD, Maria Polinsky)
  • [2019-2021]. PI on Facebook Research Award ``What it takes to fact-check a claim? Better Benchmarks for End-to-End Fact-Checking''
  • [2019-2023].Co-I on ``HEALing: An Innovative County-Level Public Health Response to the Opioid Epidemic in New York State'' ($86,000,000)
  • [2018-2020] PI at Columbia on an NSF EAGER award ``EAGER: Collaborative Research:Automated Instruction Assistant for Argumentative Essays''. ($143,000).
  • [2018-2021] PI Collaboratory Fellows Fund grant to develop an interdisciplinary course ``Multilingual Language Technologies and Language Diversity'' (with Lydia Liu at ICLS; $150,000).
  • [2017-2021] Co-PI on the IARPA award ``SCRIPTS:System for CRoss-language Information Processing, Translation, and Summarization'' for the MATERIAL program ($14,000,000).
  • [2014-2017] Co-PI on NSF award "Reducing Racial and Gender Achievement Gaps in STEM: Use of Natural Language Processing to Understand Why Affirmation Interventions Improve Performance"($1,007,993).PI Valerie Purdie Vaughn (Columbia University), Co-PIs Geoffrey Cohen (Stanford University), Jonathan Cook (Penn State University).
  • [2014-2017] PI at Columbia on NSF award ``RI: Medium: Collaborative Research: Write A Classifier: Learning Fine-Grained Visual Classifiers from Text and Images" ($463,208). PI at Rutgers Ahmed Elgammal.
  • [2014-2016] Co-PI on a ROADS award from Columbia University's Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering: ``Reducing Racial and Gender Achievement Gaps in STEM: Use of Natural Language Processing to Understand Why Affirmation Interventions Improve Performance". PI Valerie Purdie-Vaughns ($199,998)
  • [2012-2017] "DRATS: Detecting Relations and Anomalies in Text and Speech" part of DARPA Deep Exploration and Filtering of Text (DEFT) Program. PI at Rutgers on a subcontract through Columbia University. PI Owen Rambow, co-PI Kathy McKeown, Julia Hirschberg (Columbia University); Mona Diab (PI at GWU); Mari Ostendorf (PI at University of Washington)($5,499,999).
  • [2011-2014] NSF RI Medium Collaborative Research: Teaching Computers to Follow Verbal Instructions (IIS-1065195) in collaboration with Michael Littman (Rutgers) and Marie desJardin (UMBC) ($999,925).
  • [2008-2010] NSF SGER award: "Exploiting Alternative Packagings of Source Meaning in Statistical Machine Translation". PI on a subcontract from University of Maryland, PI: Philip Resnik; $45,500 from total of $144,763.
  • Rutgers "Grants to Get Grants" Award; 12/2008-06/2009; $2534.


  • "System and Method of Generating Dictionary Entries" (2003). Judith Klavans and Smaranda Muresan, Columbia University, New York, NY. Serial No 398,535.

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