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Date Topic Reading Homework
Sep 5th What is artificial intelligence? [ppt] C1.1 C1.4
Problem solving
Sep 10th Uninformed search [ppt] C. 3
Depth first, breadth first, iterative deepening
Sep 12th Heuristic search [ppt] C.4.1 - 4.3 HW1: Search
Greedy, best first, A*
Sep 17th Heuristic search [ppt] C. 4.5
Heuristic functions and examples
Sep 19th Search and applications [ppt] [ppt] Paper
Machine Translation
Sep 24th Constraint satisfaction [ppt] C. 5 HW1 due
Solving crossword puzzles
Game Playing
Sep 26th Multi-party games and adversarial search [ppt] C.6.1-6.4
HW 2: game playing
Oct 1st Multi-party games and adversarial search [ppt] C6.5-6.8
Oct 3rd Applications [ppt] paper
Chess, card games
Oct 8th What makes a machine intelligent? Turing test paper
Empirical Methods
Oct 10th Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning [ppt] C.13
Oct 15th Bayesian networks [ppt] C.14
Machine Learning
Oct 17th Machine Learning - Introduction [ppt] paper
Oct 22nd Decision Trees [ppt] C.18.1-18.2
Oct 24th Statistical learning and midterm review [ppt] C.18.3-18.6 HW 2 Due
Oct 29th Class Cancelled - Fire alarm
Oct 31st Midterm
Nov 7th Support Vector Machines, Guest Lecturer: Jason Weston, NEC [pdf] HW 3: Machine learning
Nov 12th Applications and WEKA tutorial [KDD OVerview] [Task 3 ] [Weka] C.20.2,20.4
Nov 14th Financial applications and tournament celebration [pdf] C.10.1-10.2
Knowledge Representation and Natural Language Processing
Nov 19th Frames, semantic nets and world knowledge [ppt] C.10.3
Nov 21st Using knowledge for learning [Guest lecture on KR and narrative] [Important HW Guidelines] paper
Applications to natural language
Nov 26th Other approaches to natural language processing [ppt] HW 4: Knowledge representation
Nov 28th Logic and inference [ppt] C.7
Dec 3rd Logic and inference [ppt] HW 3 due
Advanced Topics
Dec 5th Robotics and Vision [Logic] [Vision]
Dec 10th Review [Review] HW4 due

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