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Jingren Zhou

Phone: (425) 829-0318

I am Vice President at Alibaba Group. Before joining Alibaba, I was a Partner Development Manager, Big Data Product Unit (previous Bing Search Infrastructure Team) at Microsoft, where I managed a team to develop a cloud-scale distributed computation system, called SCOPE, targeted for massive data analysis over tens of thousands of machines at Microsoft. I used to be a researcher in the Database Group at Microsoft Research. My research is in the area of database, in particular query processing, query optimization, large scale distributed computing, and architecture-conscious database systems. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Columbia University and B.S. at University of Science and Technology of China.



Recent Publications ([All Publications])

  • “Apollo: Scalable and Coordinated Scheduling for Cloud-Scale Computing” Eric Boutin, Jaliya Ekanayake, Wei Lin, Bing Shi, Jingren Zhou, Zhengping Qian, Ming Wu, and Lidong Zhou, in Proc. of the 2014 OSDI Conference (OSDI'14). pdf
  • “Continuous Cloud-Scale Query Optimization and Processing” Nico Bruno, Sapna Jain, and Jingren Zhou, in Proc. of the 2013 VLDB Conference (VLDB'13). pdf
  • “SCOPE: Parallel Databases Meet MapReduce” Jingren Zhou, Nicolas Bruno, Ming-chuan Wu, Paul Larson, Ronnie Chaiken, Darren Shakib, The VLDB Journal, 2012. pdf
  • “Spotting Code Optimizations in Data-Parallel Pipelines through PeriSCOPE” Zhenyu Guo, Xuepeng Fan, Rishan Chen, Jiaxing Zhang, Hucheng Zhou, Sean McDirmid, Chang Liu, Wei Lin, Jingren Zhou, and Lidong Zhou, in Proc. of the 2012 OSDI Conference (OSDI'12). pdf
  • “Advanced Partitioning Techniques for Massively Distributed Computation” Jingren Zhou, Nicolas Bruno, and Wei Lin, in Proc. of the 2012 SIGMOD Conference (SIGMOD'12). pdf
  • “Recurring Job Optimization in Scope” Nicolas Bruno, Sameer Agarwal, Srikanth Kandula, Bing Shi, Ming-Chuan Wu, and Jingren Zhou, in Proc. of the 2012 SIGMOD Conference (SIGMOD'12). pdf
  • “Exploiting Common Subexpressions for Cloud Query Processing” Yasin Silva, Paul Larson, and Jingren Zhou, in Proc. of the 2012 ICDE Conference (ICDE'12). pdf
  • “Incorporating Partitioning and Parallel Plans into the SCOPE Optimizer” Jingren Zhou, Per-Åke Larson, and  Ronnie Chaiken, in Proc. of the 2010 ICDE Conference (ICDE’10). pdf
  • “SCOPE: Easy and Efficient Parallel Processing of Massive Data Sets” Ronnie Chaiken, Bob Jenkins, Per-Åke Larson, Bill Ramsey, Darren Shakib, Simon Weaver, and Jingren Zhou, in Proc. of the 2008 VLDB Conference (VLDB'08). pdf
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