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Output and Interaction Issues

Figure: Suggested Shots

Figure gif shows a few sample shots that the system suggested during the course of normal play. These are the images directly projected onto the user's eye. At this point, we are undertaking a performance analysis of the overall system. The reliability of the algorithm is being investigated as well as its accuracy. In addition, time lag from input to output is currently on the order of hundreds of milliseconds. Thus, the user has to maintain smooth, slow head motion and occasionally wait for the system's output. We are investigating techniques for making the algorithm more efficient to avoid lag which is particularly distracting when the user moves excessively. An evaluation of the effect of the system on the user's billiards skill level is also to be performed. For instance, how much better (or worse) does the user play depending on his or her initial degree of competence? How much adaptation time is generally required to see positive improvements? Another issue is offering multiple styles of output display graphics to suit the particular preferences of the user. Finally, we wish to evaluate the user's non-augmented performance after he or she has been 'trained' with the Stochasticks system. It would be interesting to see if the user acquires a greater visualization ability as a result of the augmented reality experience and to analyze the change in hand-eye coordination due to the head-mounted display.

Tony Jebara
Wed Feb 18 18:52:15 EST 1998