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The code below is free for academic purposes but not intended for commercial purposes. If you use it, please cite our papers (the papers with the same titles in papers.html) in your work. This code is provided as-is; we don't have resources to support your use of it. Some additinoal code resides in the generic directory here. This work was supported in part by the following grants from the National Science Foundation: III-1526914, IIS-1451500, CCF-1302269, IIS-1117631, IIS-0347499 and CCR-0312690.
Variational Auto-Encoders with a new Simplex Distribution (as in NeurIPS 2019) CODE
Correlated Variational Auto-Encoders (as in ICML 2019) CODE
Variational Auto-Encoders for Collaborative Filtering (as in WWW 2018) CODE
Thompson Sampling with Non-Compliance (as in ArXiv 2018) CODE
Bethe learning of graphical models via MAP decoding (as in AISTATS 2016). CODE
B-Matching and Adaptive Anonymity (as in our NIPS 2013 Paper) CODE
Polynomial Time Inference of Bethe Partition Function and Marginals CODE
pSVM for Learning with Label Proportions CODE
Semi-Supervised Learning Using Greedy Max-Cut CODE
Majorization for Conditional Random Fields and Latent Likelihoods CODE
Structure Preserving Metric Learning CODE
Graphical Modeling with Perfect Graphs CODE
Collaborative Filtering via Rating Concentration CODE
Laplacian Spectrum Learning CODE
Structure Preserving Embedding CODE
Relative Margin Machines CODE
Belief Propagation for Maximum Weight b-Matching CODE
Minimum Volume Embedding CODE
Multi-Object Tracking with Representations of the Symmetric Group CODE
Graph Reconstruction with Degree-Constrained Subgraphs CODE (SLOW)
Permutation Invariant SVMs CODE
Spectral Clustering and Embedding with Hidden Markov Models CODE
Probability Product Kernels CODE
Bhattacharyya Kernel Between Sets of Vectors CODE
Dynamical Systems Trees CODE
Multi-Task Feature and Kernel Selection for SVMs CODE
3D Structure from 2D Motion CODE
Fast Expecation Maximization CODE
Maximum Conditional Likelihood via Bound Maximization and the CEM Algorithm CODE