I am a doctoral student in computer science at Columbia University, advised by Professor Eitan Grinspun. My research involves physically based animation techniques, with a particular focus on the modeling and simulation of fluid phenomena.

I received my B.S. degree at Peking University in 2007, and M.S. degree at Columbia University in 2012.


Multimaterial Mesh-Based Surface Tracking

Fang Da, Christopher Batty, Eitan Grinspun
ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2014).

We present a triangle mesh-based technique for tracking the evolution of three-dimensional multimaterial interfaces undergoing complex deformations. It is the first non-manifold triangle mesh tracking method to simultaneously maintain intersection-free meshes and support the proposed broad set of multimaterial remeshing and topological operations. We represent the interface as a non-manifold triangle mesh with material labels assigned to each half-face to distinguish volumetric regions. Starting from proposed application-dependent vertex velocities, we deform the mesh, seeking a non-intersecting, watertight solution. This goal necessitates development of various collision-safe, label-aware non-manifold mesh operations: multimaterial mesh improvement; T1 and T2 processes, topological transitions arising in foam dynamics and multi-phase flows; and multimaterial merging, in which a new interface is created between colliding materials. We demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of our approach on a range of scenarios including geometric flows and multiphase fluid animation.
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