Collective Brainstorming at the

AAAI Symposium on Genetic Programming

Edited by Eric V. Siegel

Eric Siegel now provides predictive analytics services at Prediction Impact, Inc., where predictive modeling and data mining are applied to gain customer intelligence.

This is an archive of the collective brainstorming undertaken by the creative participants of the AAAI Symposium on Genetic Programming at MIT nov 10-12 1995. The symposium format incorporated more open discussion than most workshops or conferences. The participants took full advantage of this and made a lot of headway, as reflected in this archive.

At the symposium, we touched upon many issues pertinent to understanding and improving genetic programming. Find your interest in the table of contents below and click your mouse.

This archive complements the symposium working notes, which are available from AAAI. They contain 19 papers that correspond largely to the symposium discussion topics. More information about the working notes is available, including their table of contents, and how to get them.

Many people contributed to this archive. Each entry is labelled with its contributor {IN CURLY BRACES}. Contributors include: David Andre, Stuart W. Crad, Alex Chaffee, David "Pablo" Cohn, Mark Joseph Crosbie, Seront Gregory, Frederic Gruau, Robert Gukeisen, Rich Hampo, Thomas Haynes, H}kan Jonsson, Hugues Juille, William Langdon, Brij Masand, Howard Oakley, Justinian Rosca, Conor Ryan, Eric Siegel, Lee Spector, Astro Teller.