GP Symposium Working Notes

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Papers from the 1995 Fall Symposium
Eric V. Siegel and John R. Koza, Program Chairs
Technical Report FS-95-01
ISBN #: 0-929280-92-x, 133 pp. $25.00

Table of Contents:


Evolving a Team
Thomas Haynes, Sandip Sen, Dale Schoenefeld and Roger Wainwright

Parallel Genetic Programming and Fine-Grained SIMD Architectures
Hugues Juill e and Jordan B. Pollack

Evolution of Both the Architecture and the Sequence of Work-Performing Steps of a Computer Program Using Genetic Programming with Architecture-Altering Operations
John R. Koza and David Andre

Towards Automatic Discovery of Building Blocks in Genetic Programming
Justinian Rosca

GPRobots and GPTeams - Competition, Co-evolution and Co-operation in Genetic Programming
Conor Ryan

Concepts Reuse in Genetic Programming
Gregory Seront

Evolving Control Structures with Automatically Defined Macros
Lee Spector

Language Representation Progression in Genetic Programming
Astro Teller

Dynamic Classifiers: Genetic Programming and Classifier Systems
Patrick Tufts

MDL-Based Fitness Functions for Learning Parsimonious Programs
Byoung-Tak Zhang and Heinz Muehlenbein

Evolving Parallel SISAL Programs Using GP
V. Rao Vemuri and Patrick Miller

Context-Free Language Induction by Evolution of Deterministic Push-Down Automata Using Genetic Programming
Afra Zomorodian


Applying Genetic Programming to Intrusion Detection
Mark Crosbie and Eugene H. Spafford

Bargaining in a Three-Agent Coalitions Game:
An Application of Genetic Programming Garett Dworman, Steven O. Kimbrough, and James D. Laing

Predicting Whether Or Not a 60-Base DNA Sequence Contains a Centrally-Located Splice Site Using Genetic Programming
Simon Handley

Automated Discovery of Protein Motifs with Genetic Programming
John R. Koza and David Andre

Genetic Programming Controlling a Miniature Robot
Peter Nordin and Wolfgang Banzhaf

Genetic Programming as a Means of Assessing and Reflecting Chaos
E. Howard N. Oakley

Automatic Discovery of Classification and Estimation Algorithms for Earth-Observation Satellite Imagery
Rick L. Riolo and Mark P. Line

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