GP Plenary Talk by Astro Teller

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This talk was for all attendees across the eight fall AAAI symposia. It is therefore targeted towards a general AI audience, but is useful for specialists since it creates a bird's-eye perspective on our field.

Astro Teller's slides for his talk:

The Genetic Programming Symposium In a Nutshell

Techniques in Genetic Programming 

ADFs (Automatically Defined Functions) 

APPLICATIONS I:    Economics and Classification 

Genome Representation 

APPLICATIONS II:    Protein and Control 

Coevolution in Genetic Programming 

Memory in Genetic Programming 

Active Learning in Genetic Programming 

What We Have Done For You Lately

GP has begun to improve on human performance in real world domains.
For Example:

        "Is region X of protein segment Y transmembrane?"

        "Is protein X in protein class Y?"

GP continues to contribute to Machine Learning in benchmark domains.
For Example:

        "Discovery that the 2-Pole balancing problem is linearly

	"Majority-rule 149 element Cellular Automata improvement
         over best 3 hand-written rules (and all learned rules)!"

Exciting Application Possibilities

Applying Genetic Programming to Intrusion Detection

Evolving a Team / GPRobots-GPTeams

Genetic Programming for Robot control

Genetic Programming for Signal Classification and Understanding

Function Modeling / Model Building

Bargaining / Game Theory

The Stuff We Probably Won't Have A Handle On For Five Years

Automatic evolution of domain specific abstract datastructures

Evolution of programs that constructively use arbitrary loop and 
        recursion constructs

The "best" way(s) to allow/enforce code modularization in evolved 

The Stuff We Don't Even Talk About It's 
Going To Be So Long Til We Figure It Out

Operating System Evolution

GO World Champion

Complete NLP solution

Control System for Cyborg Soccer Player

Evolved Visual Cortex

The Genetic Programming Symposium In a Nutshell

Shameless Plug:

1st Genetic Programming Conference 

July 28-31

Stanford, CA


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