Staff & Office Hours

Office Hours Calendar

Links to office hours will be available on Courseworks.

The course staff believes that learning occurs best in a collaborative environment. As a result, TA office hours will be formatted with breakout rooms where students can discuss problems in groups and with TAs. The academic integrity policies outlined in mission apply to office hours as well; in particular, we expect that students will not take written notes about problems away from collaborations during office hours.

Office hours are not a place for regrade requests; as detailed in the course policies, those must be submitted in writing.


Rocco Servedio


rocco at cs dot columbia dot edu

Office hours: Friday 9am-11am (UTC -5:00)

Teaching Assistants

Binghui Peng


OH: Wednesday 8pm-9pm (UTC -5:00)

Clayton Sanford


OH: Monday 8pm-10pm (UTC -5:00)

Shivam Nadimpalli


OH: Tuesday 7pm-9pm (UTC -5:00)