Submission Guidelines

You must prepare your problem set as a LaTeX document. If you're unfamiliar with with LaTeX, click here for a bare-bones introduction. Starting with Problem Set 2, if for any reason you are not using LaTeX and/or your notation is not clear, points will be deducted. You are urged to spell-check everything you turn in, and to use complete sentences. You will be graded primarily on the correctness of your answer, but clarity is also important; you will be penalized for answers which are so unclear as to call correctness into question.

You must turn in your homework set on Gradescope by 11:59pm New York City time on the due date, or it will be considered late.

Important: Please do not include any identifying information (name, UNI, etc.) on your submission. Homework assignments will be graded anonymously by the TAs. Starting with Problem Set 2, points may be deducted if submissions are not anonymized.

Homework Template: TeX file, homework.cls (optional, feel free to use your own)

Assignment Out Due Solutions
Problem Set 0 Tues September 6 Thurs September 15
Problem Set 1 Tuesday September 13 Thursday September 29
Problem Set 2 Thursday September 29 Thursday October 13
Midterm Exam Thursday October 20
Problem Set 3 Thursday October 13 Thursday November 3
Problem Set 4 Thursday November 3 Thursday November 17
Problem Set 5 Thursday November 17 Thursday December 8
Final Exam TBA