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[Biran and McKeown, 2015a]
Or Biran and Kathleen McKeown. Discourse planning with an n-gram model of relations. In Proceedings of EMNLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Biran and McKeown, 2015b]
Or Biran and Kathleen McKeown. Pdtb discourse parsing as a tagging task: The two taggers approach. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL, 2015. (PDF)

[Deas et al., 2015]
Marlies Santos Deas, Or Biran, Kathleen McKeown, and Sara Rosenthal. Spanish twitter messages polarized through the lens of an english system. In Proceedings of TASS workshop on Sentiment Analysis at SEPLN, 2015. (PDF)

[Elfeky et al., 2015]
Mohamed Elfeky, Pedro Moreno, and Victor Soto. Multi-dialectical languages effect on speech recognition. In Proceedings of ICNSLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Eskander and Rambow, 2015]
Remy Eskander and Owen Rambow. Slsa: A sentiment lexicon for standard arabic. In Proceedings of EMNLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Farra et al., 2015]
Noura Farra, Swapna Somasundaran, and Jill Burstein. Scoring persuasive essays using opinions and their targets. In Proceedings of the NAACL-2015 Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications, 2015. (PDF)

[Gravano et al., 2015]
Agustin Gravano, Stefan Benus, Rivka Levitan, and Julia Hirschberg. Backward mimicry and forward influence in prosodic contour choice in standard american english. In Proceedings of Interspeech, 2015. (PDF)

[Jayannavar et al., 2015]
Prashant Arun Jayannavar, Apoorv Agarwal, Melody Ju, and Owen Rambow. Validating literary theories using automatic social network extraction. In Proceedings of NAACL-HLT Fourth Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature, 2015. (PDF)

[Kedzie et al., 2015]
Chris Kedzie, Kathleen McKeown, and Fernando Diaz. Predicting salient updates for disaster summarization. In Proceedings of ACL, 2015. (PDF)

[Levitan et al., 2015a]
Rivka Levitan, Stefan Benus, Agustin Gravano, and Julia Hirschberg. Acoustic-prosodic entrainment in slovak, spanish, english and chinese: A cross-linguistic comparison. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL, 2015. (PDF)

[Levitan et al., 2015b]
Sarah Ita Levitan, Guozhen An, Mandi Wang, Gideon Mendels, Julia Hirschberg, Michelle Levine, and Andrew Rosenberg. Cross-cultural production and detection of deception from speech. In Proceedings of ICMI Workshop on Multimodal Deception Detection (WMDD), 2015. (PDF)

[Levitan et al., 2015c]
Sarah Ita Levitan, Michelle Levine, Julia Hirschberg, Nishmar Cestero, Guozhen An, and Andrew Rosenberg. Individual differences in deception and deception detection. In Proceedings of COGNITIVE, 2015. (PDF)

[McKeown and Habash, 2015]
Noura Farra Kathleen McKeown and Nizar Habash. Annotating targets of opinions in arabic using crowdsourcing. In Proceedings of the ACL-2015 Workshop on Arabic Natural Language Processing, 2015. (PDF)

[Mendels et al., 2015]
Gideon Mendels, Erica Cooper, Victor Soto, Julia Hirschberg, Mark Gales, Kate Knill, Anton Ragni, and Haipeng Wang. Improving speech recognition and keyword search for low resource languages using web data. In Proceedings of INTERSPEECH, 2015. (PDF)

[Prabhakaran et al., 2015]
Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Tomas By, Julia Hirschberg, Owen Rambow, Samira Shaikh, Tomek Strzalkowski, Jennifer Tracey, Michael Arrigo, Rupayan Basu, Micah Clark, Adam Dalton, Mona Diab, Louise Guthrie, Anna Prokofieva, Stephanie Strassel, Gregory Werner, Janyce Wiebe, and Yorick Wilks. A new dataset and evaluation for belief/factuality. In Proceedings of the Fourth Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (NAACL), 2015. (PDF)

[Prokofieva et al., 2015]
Anna Prokofieva, Malcolm Slaney, and Dilek Hakkani-Tür. Probabilistic features for connecting eye gaze to spoken language understanding. In Proceedings of ICASSP, 2015. (PDF)

[Rambow and Wiebe, 2015]
Owen Rambow and Janyce Wiebe. Sentiment and belief: How to think about, represent, and annotate private states. In Proceedings of the Tutorials of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the ACL and the 7th IJCNLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Rasooli and Collins, 2015]
Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli and Michael Collins. Density-driven cross-lingual transfer of dependency parsers. In Proceedings of EMNLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Rosenthal and McKeown, 2015]
Sara Rosenthal and Kathleen McKeown. I couldn't agree more: The role of conversational structure in agreement and disagreement detection in online discussions. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL, 2015. (PDF)

[Rosenthal et al., 2015]
Sara Rosenthal, Preslav Nakov, Alan Ritter, Veselin Stoyanov, Svetlana Kiritchenko, , and Saif Mohammad. Semeval-2015 task 10: Sentiment analysis in twitter. In Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (NAACL), 2015. (PDF)

[Stratos and Collins, 2015]
Karl Stratos and Michael Collins. Simple semi-supervised pos tagging. In Proceedings of NAACL Workshop on Vector Space Modeling for NLP, 2015. (PDF)

[Stratos et al., 2015]
Karl Stratos, Michael Collins, and Daniel Hsu. Model-based word embeddings from decompositions of count matrices. In Proceedings of ACL, 2015. (PDF)

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