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NLP research at Columbia

(Columbia NLP Seminar Schedule - Spring 2022)


Natural Language Processing research at Columbia University is conducted in the Computer Science Department, the Center for Computational Learning Systems and the Biomedical Informatics Department. Due to the broad expertise and wide ranging interests of our NLP researchers, NLP@CU has a distinctive combination of depth and breadth. Our research combines linguistic insights into the phenomena of interest with rigorous, cutting edge methods in machine learning and other computational approaches.

The NLP@CU group consists of seven senior researchers who serve as principal investigators on multiple projects, and who advise graduate students at all levels. In any one year, the number of Ph.D. students ranges from approximately fifteen to twenty-five, and the number of masters students is much larger. Other members include post doctoral researchers, visitors, undergraduate research assistants, and consultants.

Areas that we have particular strengths in include:

  • Phonology, Prosody
  • Morphology
  • Syntax and parsing
  • Lexical semantics, word sense disambiguation
  • Discourse processing, discourse coreference
  • Dialogue, spoken language
  • Genre, dialectal variation
  • Generation, summarization, question answering
  • Information extraction, data mining
  • Machine translation
  • Language and social networks
  • Arabic NLP
  • Linguistic resource creation, e.g., corpora, lexica
  • Evaluation of nlp technologies, resources, and human language use

The schedule and details for the regular NLP group seminar may be found here. For access to the seminar, please subscribe to the Columbia NLP mailing list or email the organizers.

Our research benefits from a cohesive, thriving environment: NLP@CU group members have many internal collaborations, and collaborate closely with other Columbia University researchers in related fields such as databases and machine learning. We have an extensive network of collaborations globally.

To learn more about NLP@CU, visit our Labs, Groups and Projects page.

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