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[Agichtein and Gravano, 2000]
Eugene Agichtein and Luis Gravano. Snowball: Extracting relations from large plain-text collections. In Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries, June 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Barzilay et al., 2000]
Regina Barzilay, Michael Collins, Julia Hirschberg, and Steve Whittaker. The rules behind roles: Identifying speaker role in radio broadcasts. In Proceedings of the Seventeenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-00), pages 679-684, Austin (TX), USA, 2000. AAAI. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Evans et al., 2000]
David Kirk Evans, Judith L. Klavans, and Nina Wacholder. Document processing with linkit. In Proceedings of the RIAO Conference, Centre de Hautes Etudes Interationales d'Informatique Documentaire (C.I.D) and the Center for the Advanced Study of Information Systems (C.A.S.I.S.), Paris, France, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Klavans and Muresan, 2000]
Judith L. Klavans and Smaranda Muresan. Definder: Rule-based methods for the extraction of medical terminology and their associated definitions from on-line text. In Proceedings of the AMIA 2000 Annual Symposium, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Klavans et al., 2000]
Judith L. Klavans, Nina Wacholder, and David Kirk Evans. Evaluation of computational linguistic techniques for identifying significant topics for browsing applications. In Proceedings of LREC 2000, European Language Resources Association, Athens, Greece, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[McKeown et al., 2000]
Kathleen R. McKeown, Desmond Jordan, Steven Feiner, James Shaw, Elizabeth Chen, Shabina Ahmad, Andre Kushniruk, and Vimla Patel. A study of communication in the cardiac surgery intensive care unit and its implications for automated briefing. In Proceedings of the AMIA 2000 Annual Symposium, 2000.

[Sable and Hatzivassiloglou, 2000]
Carl Sable and Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou. Text-based approaches for non-topical image categorization. International Journal on Digital Libraries, 3(3):261-275, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Schiffman and McKeown, 2000]
Barry Schiffman and Kathleen R. McKeown. Experiments in automated lexicon building for text searching. In Proceedings, COLING 2000, Saarbruecken, Germany, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Shaw and McKeown, 2000]
James Shaw and Kathleen R. McKeown. Generating referring quantified expressions. In Proceedings of the 1st International Natural Language Generation Conference, pages 100-107, Mitzpe Ramon, June 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Teufel and Moens, 2000]
Simone Teufel and Mark Moens. What's yours and what's mine: Determining intellectual attribution in scientific text. In Proceedings of the 2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora, October 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

[Wacholder et al., 2000]
Nina Wacholder, Judith L. Klavans, and David Kirk Evans. Evaluation of automatically identified index terms for browsing electronic documents. In Proceedings of the Conference NAACL/ANLP2000, Association for Computational Linguistics, Seattle (WA), USA, 2000. (PostScript) (PDF)

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