The lectures and readings listed here are subject to change, including in response to current events (i.e., major new security holes).

The readings, if you go out more than a lecture or two, are almost certainly wrong.

Jan 21
Introduction; Administrative Issues
  • Text, Chapter 1
Jan 26
Snow Day!
Jan 28
Ethics I
Feb 04
What is Privacy?
Feb 09
Wiretapping and Eavesdropping
Feb 11
Wiretapping II
Feb 25
Freedom of Speech: Accountability
Mar 02
Freedom of Speech: Crossing Borders
Mar 11
Online Behavior
Mar 23
Voluntary Disclosures
Mar 25
Intellectual Property: Trademarks
Mar 30
Apr 01
Copyright; Patents
Apr 06
The Free Software Movement and the GPL
Apr 08
Risks of Computers
Apr 13
Risks: Security
Apr 15
Risks: Electronic Voting Machines
Apr 20
Risks: What Do We Do?
Apr 22
Apr 29
Gender Issues
May 04