Kele Huang   黄科乐

Hi, Kele is a first-year CS Ph.D. student at Columbia University, co-advised by      Prof. Jason Nieh and Prof. Ronghui Gu at Software Systems Laboratory . He is interested in operating systems and virtualization.

Before that, he had a summer research internship with Prof. Tianyin Xu at UIUC. He was recommended to Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, for M.S. program after he received his B.E. from Central South University.

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  • [Fall 2022] TA for Operating Systems I, COMS 4118.
  • [2022-2023] Awarded a Tang Family Fellowship.
  • [Feb. 2021] Paper "BTMMU: An Efficient and Versatile Cross-ISA Memory Virtualization" is accepted to VEE 2021.
  • Publications
    BTMMU: An Efficient and Versatile Cross-ISA Memory Virtualization
    Kele Huang, Fuxin Zhang, Cun Li, Gen Niu, Junrong Wu, Tianyi Liu
    ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE), 2021

    Propose a novel method BTMMU to solve almost all known challenges in cross-ISA memory virtualization. BTMMU consists of a low-cost hardware extension of host MMU, a Linux kernel module and a patched QEMU version.

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