E6998-2 Project Proposal

Written Proposal

The main goal of the proposal is to help you think about the project and set up a plan. Keep it within two pages. A good proposal will likely have the following components:
  1. Title and Author List: should be self-evident.

  2. Problem statement. Motivate the problem you are solving a little bit. Describe what the problem is, why it is important, and why it is hard or unsolved.

  3. Your proposed solution. Describe what you plan to do. Use examples and pictures if necessary. Be sufficiently detailed so your solution sounds plausible. You need to think about this carefully.

  4. Evaluation plan. Describe how you plan to implement and evaluate your idea. Be concrete. What are the deliverables? What tools will you use? What systems will you modify? What experiments will you conduct to show that your idea works (or not)? Give a rough timeline.

  5. Related work. Write about other similar work. What is different than what you plan to do? What is similar? Try to draw general conclusions about what others have missed.
If you plan on using Latex, here is an example Latex template (in tar format).

Here are some advices on how to write.

Oral Proposal

IMPORTANT: Bring a printout of slides for me.

IMPORTANT: Bring a laptop with your slides.

IMPORTANT: If there are two of you in a team, BOTH of you must talk (split the talk into two components).

The goal of the presentation is to give you a chance to practice your presentation skills and to let me and your fellow students know what you plan to do. Keep your talk within 10 minutes (I'll cut you off after 10).

A sample outline:
  1. Introduction and Problem Statement. What problem are you trying to solve or look into? Why is it an important problem?

  2. Approach. How do you plan to approach the problem? What is your methodology? Why is this a good way to approach the problem?

  3. Evaluation plan. How do you plan to evaluate your approach?
Here are some advices on how to give a good talk.


Submit your written proposal in PDF format by email, by 4:09PM, Oct 1, 2008. Late submission will receive a 50% penalty. Give your talk in class on Oct 1, 2008.