Recorded Talks

• Research Presentations
Invited talk at Games, Learning, and Networks Workshop in IMS

2023The Chaotic Milonga Tango Night Dilemma

Meet the Fellows Welcome Event Fall 2022

2022Beyond Worst Case Analysis in ML

Meet the Fellows Welcome Event Spring 2022

2022Teamwork Makes The Von Neumann Work: Two Team Zero Sum Games

Invited talk at A&C Seminar: U Waterloo

2022Optimization Beyond Minimization

Invited Talk at Informs 2021

2021The Survival Of The Strictest In An Uncertain World: Stable And Unstable Equilibria
Under Regularized Learning With Partial Information

Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2020

2020Smoothed complexity of local Max-Cut and binary Max-CSP

Spotlight talk NeurIPS 2020

2020No-regret learning and mixed Nash equilibria: They do not mix

Spotlight talk NeurIPS 2020

2020Optimal Private Median Estimation under Minimal Distributional Assumptions

• Public Interest Talks
Invited Speaker at The Economist's Second Youth Summit

2019Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

Interview by Antigone Andreaki

2021From the Rationalism of Science to Conspiracy Theories – Social Behaviors

Radio Interview by Kostas Sylgardos

2023Radio PodCast Compass-SKAI Crete

Skype Interview by Antigone Andreaki in CERN

2023 Quantum Technology Meets Machine Learning: A Glimpse into the Future

Interview by Kostas Sylgardos

2024 AI Challenges in 2024 and the Legislation of University Privatization in Greece