Swipe Access

September 3, 2008 - ATTENTION Faculty, Research Scientists, Staff, Graduate Students and Undergraduate CS Majors: Your request for swipe access has already been submitted. Please do not resubmit your application for access.

Non-CS Majors who are taking CS classes and students who are requesting access beyond their default level should still submit access requests.

All faculty, research scientists, staff and students enrolled in Computer Science should have the following swipe access levels by default.

Undergraduate CS majors - Level 1: Computer Lab Access (CLIC/MRL)
CS Masters students - Level 2: Computer Lab Access plus Access to the Inner Computer Science Building door
Faculty, Research Scientists, Staff, and PhD students - Level 3: Access to all Computer Science Department doors

You can request a different swipe access level if you need physical access to a particular area (e.g. Non-CS majors who are taking CS courses and who needs physical access to CLIC/MRL lab should request for level 1).

Here's what you need to do to request a non-default swipe access level:

Please email problems to crf@cs.columbia.edu