I am a professor of Statistics and Computer Science at Columbia University. I am also a member of the Columbia Data Science Institute. I work in the fields of machine learning and Bayesian statistics.

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My research interests include:

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Most of our publications are attached to open-source software. See our GitHub page.

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Machine Learning at Columbia

Columbia has a thriving machine learning community, with many faculty and researchers across departments. The Machine Learning at Columbia mailing list is a good source of information about talks and other events on campus. (To subscribe, send email to machine-learning-columbia+subscribe@googlegroups.com.)


In Fall 2023 I am teaching Probabilistic Models and Machine Learning. To register, please join the waiting list and come to the first lecture. We will enroll students into the class during the first week of the semester. Priority is given first to PhD students and then to others.

All my courses are here.

Office hours

During the academic year I hold weekly office hours in 430 Mudd. Coming to my office hours is easier than using email to make an appointment.

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